Display multiple authors using Co-Authors Plus

Co-Authors Plus lets you assign multiple authors to a post.

The code below integrates Co-Authors Plus with Display Posts so your post listings will include all authors.

This can also be installed as a plugin: CoAuthors Plus Addon


[display-posts include_author="true"]


The following parameters can be added to the shortcode to customize the output of the author list

  • coauthor_between – Delimiter that should appear between the co-authors. Default: ,
  • coauthor_between_last – Delimiter that should appear between the last two co-authors. Default: and
  • coauthor_before – What should appear before the presentation of co-authors. Default: by
  • coauthor_after – What should appear after the presentation of co-authors. Default: (empty)
  • coauthor_function – Change which Co-Author Plus function is used. Default: coauthor Available Options:
    • coauthor – Outputs the co-authors display names, without links to their posts
    • coauthors_posts_links – Outputs the co-authors display names, with links to their posts.
    • coauthors_links – Outputs the co-authors display names, with links to their websites

This code snippet goes in a core functionality plugin or Code Snippets.

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