Pagination in Display Posts

Unfortunately this plugin does not support pagination. You can use the posts_per_page parameter to decide how many posts to display on the current page, Display Posts will not add previous/next links below this list to explore further. I’m planning to build a Pagination Extension in the near future, once I’ve finished building the Gutenberg block […]

Include comment count and link to comments

Display Posts includes many Display Parameters for customizing what is shown for each post in the list. It does not include an option for listing the comment count, but you can add one yourself using the Output Filter. Once the code below has been added to your site, you can include the comments link like […]

Caching queries to improve performance

This is available as a separate plugin: Display Posts – Transient Cache Some users will build very complex queries involving multiple taxonomy and meta queries. These can be computationally expensive to run, and running the query on every uncached pageload is not necessary. We can store the output of the shortcode in a transient – […]

Display inline link with most recent post

Display Posts includes a few different options for wrappers (unordered list, ordered list, and div) but all of these are block-level elements. That means they display as their own unique block on the page. If you want to display the most recent post inside a paragraph, we’ll need to use an inline element. The code snippet […]