Display specific posts

When you know exactly which posts you’d like to feature, you can use the “id” parameter to specify their post IDs and orderby=”post__in” to display them in the order you listed. In the example below, I want to highlight my Post Grid tutorial and an article on adapting the layout: Shortcode Example

Display meta value in output

Display Posts includes many display parameters for customizing what is displayed in the post listing output. You can include things like the post title, image, excerpt, content, date, author, categories, and more. You can use the output filter to both modify existing pieces of the output (ex: default image) and add your own custom pieces […]

Display author avatar

You can display the author name in the listings using Display specific posts by Bill EricksonReversed Ordered List by Bill EricksonDisplay image from post content if no featured image by Bill EricksonAdd extra text after title by Bill EricksonUse the WordPress date format by Bill EricksonAdd Post ID class to each listing item by Bill […]