Include comment count and link to comments

Display Posts includes many Display Parameters for customizing what is shown for each post in the list. It does not include an option for listing the comment count, but you can add one yourself using the Output Filter. Once the code below has been added to your site, you can include the comments link like […]

Use template parts to match your theme’s styling

Display Posts lets you easily display posts based on any criteria you choose without any coding. It can be difficult to match your theme’s design for post summaries using just the shortcode and CSS. That’s where template parts come in. Styling belongs in a theme Your theme already contains the markup and styling for displaying posts. […]

Exclude posts already displayed

If you’re using the Display Posts Shortcode multiple times in one page, you can use this to exclude already displayed posts from new shortcode queries. This will prevent duplicate posts. If you have other, non-Display Posts queries running on the page and would like to exclude them as well, you’ll need to modify those queries […]