Display meta value in output

Display Posts includes many display parameters for customizing what is displayed in the post listing output. You can include things like the post title, image, excerpt, content, date, author, categories, and more. You can use the output filter to both modify existing pieces of the output (ex: default image) and add your own custom pieces […]

Display author avatar

You can display the author name in the listings using Display posts as a select dropdown by Bill EricksonRemove “by” when displaying author name by Bill EricksonDisplay specific posts by Bill EricksonReversed Ordered List by Bill EricksonDisplay image from post content if no featured image by Bill EricksonAdd extra text after title by Bill EricksonUse […]

Use template parts to match your theme’s styling

Display Posts lets you easily display posts based on any criteria you choose without any coding. It can be difficult to match your theme‚Äôs design for post summaries using just the shortcode and CSS. That’s where template parts come in. Styling belongs in a theme Your theme already contains the markup and styling for displaying posts. […]